School Jotter

School Jotter

School websites made easy

School Jotter is Webanywhere’s easy-to-use school website system - giving schools the ability to update and maintain their website with minimum fuss.

The moment your school starts using a School Jotter website, you’ll notice the benefits. Teachers will find easy to update the school website, with a quick and easy uploading and editing tool. Regardless of technical ability, an attractive, professional page can be built in a couple of minutes, using School Jotter’s simple user interface.

Our attractive, bespoke designs mean your website echoes the themes, achievements and motto of your school. Parents, teachers and pupils alike will all love visiting it - and you’ll be able to upload content that not only promotes your school, but showcases student achievements and helps them with their homework. The School Jotter mobile app will mean parents will be alerted via their smartphone every time you add a news story to your website - and with web stats you’ll be able to track visitors and spot trends too!

From school news and pupils’ exam results, to open days and staff directory, your School Jotter website can be the front window for your school - and bring together staff, pupils and parents.

Getting started

Setting up your school with School Jotter is easy. Once we’ve designed and built your School Jotter website for you, we’ll give you full support and training on how to upload, update and maintain it. We’ll provide you with an initial training session, and then support will be available via email, live chat and telephone.

Our full, unlimited support service means even the least technically-minded user will be able to contribute to the school website.

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