Engage pupils, inspire teachers

Learnanywhere is a classroom revolution. It’s the online learning platform where teachers can plan lessons, share resources and set work. It captivates pupils you can submit work, complete spelling tests and ask their teacher questions whether they’re at home or at school.

Using Learnanywhere is simple and and fun. It can support multi media content, so you can upload YouTube videos for your class to watch at home. It saves teachers time, because content for lessons can be uploaded for pupils and then stored to use again next year. Tests you set for your class can be self-marking. Because Learnanywhere is accessible for pupils anytime, anywhere, it also means parents can stay up-to-date with their child’s learning - and get involved with school activities more, too.

For a learning platform that will transfer your school, that’s easy to use, engages pupils and inspires teachers, Learnanywhere gets full marks.

Getting started

Learnanywhere comes with full training and support from the start - so as soon as it’s ready to use in your school, we’ll make sure you’re confident enough to use it yourself - as well as teach your pupils how to use it. We can provide you with lots of useful curriculum-based resources for your classes, too, to get you started.

Once you’ve started using Learnanywhere, our full, unlimited support service means even the least technically-minded user will feel confident in getting the most out of your new learning platform.

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